Detroit Delay en route FLIPADELPHIA

I’ve been wanting to play this one game I made up in my head. It’s called “The Clock Game”. I haven’t had much time to come up with a cooler name. Obviously. It’s a people-watching game where you sit still and write down what’s around you, and any other random thoughts. Must be completed as fast as possible.

Current Location: DTW en route PHL

1200: The unused walkalator, which, isn’t actually the name for it
1300: 20ish-year-old dude sporting coral Nikes, sitting on the floor, leaning on the walkalator, probably watching porn on his phone
1400: Delayed flight announced, will board in 20 minutes, expected departure time around 0800 (lies!)
1500: 50ish-year-old overweight lady with a fake tan, light, neon orange hoodie; her husband went to 2007 Bike Week
1600: Sophisticated Asian lady with a giant bling of a gold ring on her right hand, fixated on her iPad
1700: Detroit Red Wings fan
1800: Bald dude in an off grey polo leaning on his carry-on and drinking black coffee
1900: Awkward moment when I turn around and try to see what’s behind me
2000: Skip to 2300, too awkward
2100: Rotating ads of DTW vendors- particularly one on Pepsi and other bottled beverages
2200: Old lady with white hair wearing all black and standing still on the walkalator
2300: Gay couple with matching gray sweaters and black pants kind; they’re headed towards the gate en route Phoenix…or NYC; back up to 2100


Myself. Asian female in her late 20s. Drinking coffee from some French bistro with 3 Caramel Macchiato creamers. She’s spilled on herself twice already. Rocking a $8 H&M sweater I got from a thrift store in NYC, and Buddha Boutique crossover satchel I got for $18 at a resale shop in Perrysburg. Slightly slouching in her seat to appear semi-gangsta. Shaking left lower extremity on occasion as a bad habit. About to discretely take a photo and hope no one judges her in their heads.

Golden Girls rolling deep on those wheelchairs totally just judged me.

Clock Game complete. Now boarding.


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